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          Matte Painter


          Matte Painter

          The Matte Painter role is a creative position within the studio reporting directly to the Production Designer and Art Director. They are in charge of technical planning and the creation of any necessary support or assets required for the projection of images and background paintings. This position requires a solid understanding of Matte Painting techniques as well as strong creative talent.

          Job Description


          • Work closely with the Production Designer and Art Director 
          • Work with the Production Designer and Art Director to create matte paintings and backgrounds as needed

          Skills and requirements


          • Must have at least 2 years experience working as a Matte Painter in film production on an animated movie
          • Excellent knowledge of Maya, Nuke, Mari and Photoshop
          • Advanced Photoshop painting skills and a thorough knowledge of matte painting techniques including colour space, digital paint and collage techniques, and complex camera-mapping
          • Understand the different elements of the pipeline, including compositing, lighting and matchmoving
          • Have an excellent understanding of perspective
          • The ability to create 2.5D projections in Nuke as needed
          • The ability to take notes and direction and work well within a team
          • Be able to prioritize tasks and meet tight deadlines
          • Excellent knowledge of lighting principles and cinematography
          • Solid understanding of layout, staging and spacing
          • Task driven, self-motivated and proactive

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