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          Boulder Media Company Logo

          Boulder Media

          Dublin - Ireland
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          Fur & Groom Artist


          Hair/Fur Groom Artists -

          Primary skills-

          • Artist would be responsible for creating complex Hair/ Fur grooms of Character Assets for CGI Feature film.
          • Must have detailed showreel/work samples highlighting some of the best Character Hair/Fur Grooming, works along with proper breakdown & descriptions (done during previous jobs OR personal works - long Hair-style samples would be a Plus).
          •  Minimum 3 - 5 years of Grooming experience required.
          •  Strong Knowledge of Maya, Xgen/Yeti grooming tools, combing & Guides creation.
          •  Knowledge of Photoshop OR Mari for Fur maps creation.
          • Knowledge of Hair/Fur Groom Shading & Lookdev primarily using Arnold-renderer (or Vray, PRman).
          • Must have strong visual & aesthetics skills,and eye for detail.
          • Must be self-driven & self-motivated at work, & willing to produce best quality output in the given timelines.
          • Must be self-organized and be able to work under pressure as (per show requirements)
          • Good troubleshooting skills required for self-solving workflow related technical issues.
          Secondary skills-

          •  Knowledge of Mel or python scripting would be a plus(but not a must).
          •  Previous knowledge of nHair based simulation & Hair-sim setup creation would be a Big plus.
          •  Basic knowledge of character modelling & texturing would be a plus.
          •  Basic knowledge of character-design & sketching would be a plus.

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