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          Boulder Media Company Logo

          Boulder Media

          Dublin - Ireland
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          Layout Artist


          Job Summary

          The layout artist will work closely with the Director, Art Director and layout supervisor to create sequences and shots, laying out sets, applying set dressing and populating the shots with the animatable characters and props based on the desired aesthetic.

          Key Responsibilities:

          • Taking shots and sequences from previs and rough layout to final layout stage, laying out the final environment assemblies, animatable characters and props, resolving any issues.
          • Set dress shots based upon key artwork, working with art directors to achieve the desired look.
          • Finalize and refine cameras and provide support through character animation and lighting, working closely with the character animators and lighters as they begin work on the shots. Implement final depth of field and optical FX.
          • Maintain set dressing continuity between shots.
          • Simple prop rigging for character animation such as doors, books, cups etc
          • Simple prop and character animation (ambient motion of non-character interacting set elements and props).

          Person Specification: 

          • Good working knowledge of Maya.
          • Basic knowledge of camera composition and cinematography
          • Good at problem solving and resolving technical issues
          • Experience with a linux operating system a plus
          • Scripting or programming skills a plus
          • 1-4 years CG experience, ideally within feature films, animation or VFX

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