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          Deck Nine Games Company Logo

          Deck Nine Games

          Westminster, Colorado - United States
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          Game Programmer



          For the past four years, Deck Nine has been focused on building remarkable tools and technology for the creation of dramatic storytelling games. We are currently in pre-production on our next big title. We recently shippped Before the Storm, a Game of the Year sequel to the hit game Life is Strange. We have additional projects in the pipeline and are continuing to grow our cinematic, artistic and narrative tools and technology.

          Deck Nine Games is looking for experienced Programmers to join our engineering team. As an experienced engineer, your industry experience will be a vital piece of the puzzle as we grow and innovate modern storytelling games.

          You would be responsible for the following:

          • Architect, plan and implement new systems, mechanics and tools
          • Develop creative, high-quality games
          • Optimize and fix bugs in existing code
          • Contribute ideas towards all aspects of development
          • Write robust, maintainable code

          Ideally, you have the following mix of qualifications:

          • 3+ years of relevant programming experience in the game industry
          • Previous Unreal Engine experience
          • Strong 3D math skills
          • Tools experience
          • Expert in C/C++

          What’s in it for you:

          • Competitive salaries
          • Generous PTO and holiday plan
          • Nimble working environment with a dynamic team
          • Growth opportunities to senior and lead


          Deck Nine is an independent game developer located in Colorado between Denver and Boulder next to the Rocky Mountains.  We have an experienced, close-knit team with exceptional technical, artistic and design skills.  We’re currently growing, with a major title in development.

          Our company offers a relaxed and fun work environment, competitive salary, royalties, and health and dental plans. Our location offers close proximity to countless outdoor and metropolitan activities.

          We’re looking for talented and self-motivated people to join our small company atmosphere.  If you’re interested, please apply!

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