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          Madison Square Garden Company Logo

          Madison Square Garden

          San Francisco, California - United States
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          Systems Manager


          MSG Ventures is a small team of technologists helping to push the boundaries of live, shared, connected entertainment experiences. We are bringing the worlds of cinema, theater, performance, gaming, and sports into the future by creating new technologies for the production, distribution, and display of new forms of media.

          The Systems Manager will help to hire and guide a dynamic, collaborative team of engineers, scope and plan projects, and define production processes. They must be able to effectively manage engineers of all levels and focus efforts for all initiatives, installations, products, and internal toolsets.

          Specific Functions / Activities Summary

          • Provides leadership to Systems engineering staff, including project assignments, oversight, and career development.

          • Manages production hardware and technical infrastructure engineering activities, including high-level architecture, scoping, timeline planning, creative problem solving and technology conflict resolution, future-proofing, ongoing project oversight and work guidance.

          • Collaborates with other department heads and project managers to ensure the technical and infrastructure needs of each project are met and development timelines are fully defined and efficiently designed.

          • Creates and maintains interdepartmental working methods, data and asset transfer pipelines, and open communication channels to create efficiencies in production, including specification and development of internal tools.

          • Creates and refines documentation standards for functional and technical specifications.

          • Oversees development of hardware quality assurance test battery and documentation.

          • Responsible for final review of production Systems budgets and resource allocation.

          • Maintains broad technical knowledge, assessing new technologies, hardware and technology possibilities. Assigns necessary testing to vet project technology options.


          • Degree in relevant field or equivalent experience

          • 3-5 years of experience managing hardware-focused technical teams

          • A demonstrated track record of gaining trust and respect by consistently demonstrating sound creative, strategic, and analytical thinking skills, while maintaining composure in stressful situations

          • Experience with modern systems architecture, with a focus on high-performance compute, networking, storage, and graphics

          • Experience with a range of display products, including projection, LED, and LCD

          • Experience with tools such as Office, G Suite, Confluence, Jira, etc.

          • General Windows and Linux knowledge

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