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          Madison Square Garden Company Logo

          Madison Square Garden

          San Francisco, California - United States
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          AV Service Technician


          ROLE SUMMARY:  

          The AV Service Technician at MSG Ventures will help

          maintain our diverse group of permanent installations, for both external

          clients as well as our own internal installations, including the test 

          venues for The Sphere. The AV Service Technician is responsible for acting

          as the primary resolver of issues for the Service Team, and is skilled at 

          diagnosing and troubleshooting a variety of AV systems. The Service 

          Technician troubleshoots and solves all but the most complex service 

          issues, and ensures issues are escalated to the appropriate groups 

          when necessary. 


          * Become deeply familiar with our existing client installations, 

          including user-facing functionality and their internal architecture

          * Monitor service desk queues, respond to requests, perform 

          technical assessments,attempt to troubleshoot problems and isolate faults 

          in accordance with support agreements

          * Collaborate with internal and external teams to troubleshoot and resolve 

          issues remotely

          * Engage vendors for hardware problems covered under existing support contracts

          * Ensure timely resolution and/or escalation of customer issues

          * Update all relevant and required documentation 


          * You do not have to match all the listed qualifications exactly to apply;

          they are a guideline and part of our wish list. The only required 

          qualification is a drive for continuous improvement.

          * BS degree in CS, EE, CE and/or 1+ years of relevant experience maintaining 

          A/V installations

          * Familiarity with support and issue tracking tools such as Zendesk,

          Jira and Confluence

          * Experience with a range of display products, including projection, LED,and LCD

          * Familiarity with PC hardware, Windows, Ubuntu, Docker, VNC, RDP, VPN, SSH,

          git and Robocopy. Ideally you’ve had experience with TouchDesigner 

          and NodeRed as well.

          * Ability to effectively work with teams through ticketing system,

          email, instant messaging

          * Ability to describe technical concepts to non-technical customers

          and team members

          * Ability to work on multiple projects and prioritize tasks for each

          * Attention to detail regarding documentation and issue tracking

          * Dedication to excellent customer support.

          * Strong oral and written communication skills and ability to establish relationships 

          with internal and external partners

          * Self-directed and capable of working effectively in a dynamic environment. 

          You are organized and it shows

          This Job is no longer active!
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