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          Boulder Media Company Logo

          Boulder Media

          Dublin - Ireland
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          Compositing Lead



          As part of Hasbro Entertainment, Boulder Media is building a new feature animation division. We are excited to offer a talented Compositing Lead the opportunity to join our very successful and established animation studio as we expand into a new area. We will be producing the first CG theatrical feature film made entirely in Ireland. The movie is based on a very well-known Hasbro property and we can’t wait to bring it to the big screen for the first time.


          ROLE SUMMARY

          The Lead Compositor assists the CG Supervisor and Producer to bid, schedule and execute the compositing production schedule. Day-to-day, you will assign and delegate work to the team and monitor shot progress to meet aesthetic and deadline expectations set by the creative supervisors. 



          • Lead a team of compositors to achieve the compositing needs of the show 
          • Work with Lighting Sup, Lighting Leads, FX, and Matte Painting to establish pipeline and best practices 
          • Partner with the department’s Production representative to ensure the smooth running of the department and adherence to the schedule 
          • Responsible for Leadership, delegation, and mentoring of the Comp Department
          • Conduct rounds with the team and provide feedback
          • Partner with Production to define department review strategy
          • Responsible for quality control on team’s compositing


          Person Specification:

          • 5+ years experience lead experience at a feature animation or large scale VFX studio 
          • Demonstrated expert knowledge in Nuke
          • Excellent communication skills with the ability to convey complex technical  and creative information

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