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          Madison Square Garden Company Logo

          Madison Square Garden

          San Francisco, California - United States
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          Systems Engineer


          The System Engineer role at MSG Ventures is responsible for designing and implementing systems for display, storage, networking, and show control of large-scale A/V systems used in the production of immersive content.

          Specific Functions/Activities Summary

          • Design detailed system architecture for large-format video displays and audio systems, including computing, networking, A/V signal flow, and display technologies
          • Determine facilities impact, including power and heat loads
          • Develop budgets and installation schedules
          • Work with software engineering teams to specify and implement systems for development
          • Lead the implementation and installation of such systems
          • Develop detailed system documentation of such systems for internal and external audiences
          • Collaborate with technical and creative internal teams as well as external collaborators and vendors to deliver the best solutions within the constraints of time, budget, and technology


          • 3+ years experience as Systems Engineer with similar duties
          • Experience with A/V signal flow design using broadcast and IP-based technologies which require tight synchronization
          • Experience designing networks with a focus on high-bandwidth applications including low-latency, high-resolution video transmission
          • Experience designing computing and storage systems to support high-availability theatrical productions
          • Experience with display systems, including projection, LED, and LCD products
          • Experience with high-voltage systems, including power distribution, load calculations, etc
          • Experience with general Windows and Linux system setup and administration tasks

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