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          Luma Company Logo


          Santa Monica, California - United States
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          VFX Production Assistant


          We are only able to consider applications sent directly through our website. Please apply here: https://www.lumapictures.com/careers 

          The VFX Production Assistant is responsible for aiding the Production Manager, Producers and Coordinators in the daily production of a project and to assist with facility needs when needed. This is an entry level role that could open the door to a fulfilling career in Production.

          You can:

        1. Work closely with Production in delegating tasks to crew
        2. Facilitate the meeting of Production targets and deadlines with an enthusiastic and motivational attitude
        3. Accurately enter client and Supervisor notes into shot tracking tools & databases 
        4. Assist with basic Production and administrative duties
        5. Aid Production in maintaining clear communication between all departments 
        6. Multitask in high pressure situations

        7. You have:

        8. A college degree or equivalent combination of education and work experience 
        9. Previous experience in an administrative, assistant or customer service oriented role
        10. Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite 
        11. A passion for film and an enthusiasm to succeed in a VFX career
        12. A basic knowledge of the VFX pipeline and workflow (preferred but not required)
        13. A willingness to learn new skills 
        14. The ability to thrive in a fast paced, team driven environment 
        15. A cool head under pressure 
        16. Strong communication (written and verbal) and time management skills 
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