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          Madison Square Garden Company Logo

          Madison Square Garden

          San Francisco, California - United States
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          Pipeline Engineer - Render


          The Pipeline Engineer role at MSG Ventures is responsible for designing and implementing tools and infrastructure which empower artists to create immersive media. This includes the evaluation and testing of existing commercial tools as well as the creation of new ones.

          Specific Functions/Activities Summary

          • Identify, test and deploy solutions for creative tools to provide high-resolution immersive video editing, color grading, graphics, audio production, encoding, and delivery.
          • Identify, test and deploy solutions for workflow tools to provide asset management, version control, and task progress.
          • Develop custom tools (plugins, scripts and other utilities) to augment third-party solutions as needed.
          • Deploy solutions to creative teams, listen to feedback, and adjust tools to continually optimize the artist workflow.
          • Evolve a growing render infrastructure to support hybrid CPU/GPU and on-prem/cloud workflows.
          • Implement systems for the gathering of analytics and metrics on the datacenter, providing reports to inform growth and change in hardware infrastructure.
          • Work closely with users of the pipeline to maximize their creativity and efficiency.
          • Author and maintain documentation for creative teams, engineers and others.


          • Degree in relevant field and/or equivalent experience
          • 3+ years experience in similar role
          • Experience with existing workflow tools such as Deadline, Shotgun, ftrack, Perforce, etc
          • Experience working with high-resolution captured media, 360-degree stitching, VFX and mastering tools
          • Experience with development tools such as Git, Docker, Python, JavaScript, etc
          • Experience with tools such as Office, G Suite, Confluence, Jira, VNC, VMWare, etc
          • Experience working in Windows and Linux environments
          • Proven ability to understand and integrate existing systems/tools (both third-party and proprietary) as needed
          • Self-motivated with excellent problem solving skills
          • Ability to communicate well with artists, producers, engineers and project managers
          • Detail oriented with a strong ability to multi-task

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