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          Mavericks VFX Company Logo

          Mavericks VFX

          Toronto, Ontario - Canada
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          Senior Compositor



          We are looking for a talented Senior Compositor to join our team and work on feature films and television series. The Senior Compositor reports directly to the Compositing Supervisor.


          ? Working closely with Compositing Supervisor to determine best approach to solve compositing challenges and develop final look.

          ? Performing tasks such as tracking, matte extraction, colour correction, paint fixes, roto and assembly of live action and 3D elements.

          ? Producing a final overall look that exceeds client expectations.


          Must have at least 5+ years experience in compositing digital visual effects for feature film.

          ? Knowledge of basic concepts of filmmaking, including: cinematography, lighting, camera movement, editing.

          ? Must have thorough knowledge and ability to use the tools that produce Digital Composites such as NUKE, Fusion, Flame and Photoshop.

          ? Must present a show reel highlighting eye for colour, lighting, attention to detail and composition.

          ? Must have the ability to work independently and meet deadlines.

          ? Strong communication skills are critical.

          ? Candidate must be able to work within a team environment.

          ? Must be Toronto-based and legally allowed to work in Canada.

          Job Type: Full-time

          Please send your resume and showreel (if applies) with breakdown when you apply. 

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