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          Madison Square Garden Company Logo

          Madison Square Garden

          San Francisco, California - United States
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          The Stitcher/Compositor combines live action and computer generated elements into visual effects shots that realize the vision and creative direction of the client and VFX Supervisor. The Stitcher/Compositor is ultimately responsible for the aesthetic integrity and technical quality of the final image.

          Specific Functions/Activities Summary

          · Work with the Visual Effects Supervisor to evaluate the creative and technical approach for assigned shots

          · Stitching responsibilities include stitching large format, high res images

          · Compositing responsibilities include performing all tasks associated with the stitching/compositing process, including 2D tracking, matte extraction, layering of elements, and color grading on difficult shots

          · Maintain the overall look, color balance, and quality for assigned shots and sequences to create uniformity in all finished work

          · Work collaboratively with artists from other disciplines and production

          · Independently provide solutions to technical and aesthetic problems with minimal direction, and can handle the most difficult tasks under intense time pressure

          · Attend reviews and accommodate changes/updates as requested

          · Increase efficiency and collaboration between stakeholders, designers and developers


          · BA degree in computer graphics, fine arts, design, photography or related field OR equivalent professional experience

          · 5+ years relevant professional experience in VFX

          · Experience using Mystika software, Nuke, Aftereffects, or other compositing software (Mystika experience a plus)

          · Able to work in a fast paced environment with minimal supervision

          · Past experience in VFX, video, 360 content, VR, or equivalent

          · Strong aesthetic skills in judging photo-realism and color

          · Diagnose and fix issues to hand off to other departments

          · Deliver consistently high aesthetic and high technical quality work with a keen attention to detail

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